Tyrese Haliburton

Position: PG                 From: Iowa State                         Class/YOB: Sophomore

Height: 6’5                        Weight: 175                        Wingspan:


  • Passing maestro. One of the top assist men in college basketball in large part due to his vision. Even when it seems like there is no opening, Haliburton figures out how to find his teammates. Finds shooters in transition and always has an eye on cutters. You can put him in the pick-and-roll and expect to get a good shot more often than not
  • Versatile defender. Willing and capable of using his length to guard all three spots on the perimeter. Always sees man and ball leading to a lot of deflections and interceptions
  • Excellent rebounder. It’s an effort thing with Haliburton. He chooses to grab boards and initiate the fast break without the middle man
  • Proven three-point shooter. With all of the stat-sheet stuffing, people overlook his marksmanship (over 40% from three both seasons at Iowa State). He will be able to space the floor if asked to play off the ball


  • Slight frame still creates some problems when trying to get to his spots
  • Will be an average athlete for NBA standards. His length is a big neutralizer, but there will be situations where he may struggle against quicker defenders
  • Finishing against length has been a question. He is generally shooting threes or open layups. The layups will be tougher with better athletes coming over on help side
  • His late-season wrist injury could limit his workout ability. I think he proved enough during the year, but you always need to monitor injuries that shelf a prospect for the season