Tyler Herro

Position: SG From: Kentucky Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’6 Weight: 193 Wingspan: N/A


  • Proficient shooter off of a variety of actions. Really good balance squaring up off of baseline screens and curls. Very dangerous from the mid-range on the move. Has a little bit of JJ Redick and Rip Hamilton in him off the ball
  • Balanced scoring package. Has improved his floater to allow him to score over size in the lane. Has enough of a handle to manufacture offense off a couple dribbles
  • Good vision and passing instincts. Plays under control and anticipates off of his own penetration
  • Solid rebounder from the guard spot
  • Engaged defensively, getting his hands on a lot of passes and putting pressure on the ball. Done a nice job improving his defensive impact as the year has gone on


  • Handles well against pressure but doesn’t project as a one-on-one shot creator in the NBA. Often can be beaten to a spot and forced to take contested pull-ups
  • Lower body strength is a concern. So much of his offense comes from off-ball movement, but defenders have affected him when they get into him on cuts
  • Has average explosiveness laterally. Defensively, his margin for error is a lot lower than other guards in the class. Has longer arms than you’d think, but he doesn’t have the burst moving against the ball
  • At this point in his development, he wouldn’t play much lead guard. The playmaking ability is there, but I don’t see him organizing an NBA offense. He should benefit from more time as a point guard in summer league