Ty Jerome

Position: PG From: Virginia Class/YOB: Junior
Height: 6ā€™5 Weight: 195 Wingspan: N/A


  • Great size for a lead guard. A legit 6’5 with decent strength that will allow him to play both guard spots if necessary
  • Heady decision maker that rarely coughs the ball up. Has developed into one of the better pick-and-roll playmakers in the country, taking his time and finding openings to get to the basket. He does a great job throwing skip passes when help defenders overcommit to the roll man or his own penetration. His size and intelligence will allow him to adapt to NBA speeds and offenses
  • Deep range as a shooter. Gets his feet set quickly and squares up when looking for shots on the move. Will make teams pay if they give him any space
  • Very energized and technically sound defender. Understand the advantage that his size gives him when guarding the ball. Pokes at the ball and contests shots on the perimeter. He is a lot quicker laterally than he looks, in large part because he stays balanced in his stance. He will have no problem guarding both guard positions


  • Lacks open court athleticism and explosiveness. Struggles to beat quick defenders off the bounce, especially ones of similar height and size
  • Doesn’t get to the basket and finish very often. Can make runners in the lane, but any length on the inside limits him to a perimeter shooter who can distribute. When operating in pick-and-rolls, he will need to find a consistent scoring method inside the arc to be most effective
  • Has been in a perfect system at Virginia to highlight his strengths. Will the up-tempo pace of play be something he can adapt to without sacrificing his impact?