Trae Young

Trae Young

Position: PG                       College: Oklahoma          Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’2                          Weight: 180                     Wingspan: 6’3



  • In-the-gym shooting range. Can hit shots well past the NBA line already.
  • Great off-the-dribble scorer. Best shooter off the bounce in the draft with a lot of creative ways to get to his shot. Can also make runners in the paint.
  • Shifty handle. Can break down defenses with ease thanks to crafty, tight moves.
  • Reads P&R well. Had a lot of plays as the primary ball-handler in P&Rs. Probes well and looks to make plays for his teammates coming off.
  • Impressive vision and passing skills. Finds open guys from tough angles on time and on target. There isn’t a pass he can’t make. Was the top passer in college basketball and it wasn’t that close.
  • Gets to the line well. Draws contact and can make his free throws.
  • Has active hands on defense. Does a good job of poking the ball out and creating turnovers.


  • Careless, borderline reckless with the ball. Because he can make all the plays, he has a tendency to avoid making the simple play. Will be a serious problem if not fixed in the NBA.
  • Physically sub-par. Is really thin and is knocked off of his spot too easily on both ends. Has put on good muscle in last month. Still questions about his durability over a long season. Has average height. Is more athletic than he gets credit for, especially with his acceleration, but still struggles to move laterally.
  • Defensive focus needs work. On top of lacking physical skills, he doesn’t show effort on defense. Part of that may have been conserving energy for his high usage at Oklahoma. Can’t just ignore guarding in the NBA.
  • Gives up too often after being screened. Not a good trait for a high P&R league.


35.4 42.2% 36.0% 86.1% 3.9 8.7 1.7 0.3 5.2 27.4