Sekou Doumbouya

Position: SF From: France Class/YOB: 2000
Height: 6’9 Weight: 230 Wingspan: 6’11


  • Big wing with promising physical traits. Very agile and coordinated at his size. Pretty solid build for a teenager
  • Good arc on his shot, even though it’s inconsistent. Looks really good when it goes in. Has to focus in on a repeatable release point
  • Best potential skill is his defensive flexibility. Shoots the gap well. Anticipates on the weak side for blocked shots. Will need to hone aggressiveness
  • Attacks with force. A guy that can rip through and get to the rim in one dribble. Very long strides and sound body control
  • Willing passer that has brought the ball up some. Height allows for passing angles that smaller wings are unable to find


  • Can do more than is required with the ball. Dances a little more than he needs to in order to get to the basket
  • Not a scorer off the dribble. More of a project offensively. Needs to develop his middle game
  • Jump shot could be good, but it has not translated into results so far
  • Energy can get the best of him on defense. Doesn’t always pick the right times to be aggressive. Has a tendency to leave shooters or the offensive glass open by overhelping