Rui Hachimura

Position: PF From: Gonzaga Class/YOB: Junior
Height: 6’8 Weight: 225 Wingspan: 7’2


  • Soft touch from all three levels. One of the most efficient scorers in college basketball. A knock-down mid-range jump shooter, especially around the free-throw area. Vastly improving three-point shot that is going to continue to expand. Dangerous in the pick-and-pop game
  • Skilled interior passer. Makes the extra pass when there is help. Throws on-time lobs to other bigs
  • Dangerous face-up potential. Has a quick first step and a jump shot defenses have to respect. The added aggressiveness off the dribble this season has allowed him to showcase his upside in the mid-post
  • Plays and runs hard
  • Moves with fluidity. Athleticism is more like a wing than a post. Has good coordination and footwork on both ends
  • Guards well. 7’2 wingspan, good reaction times, and solid activity level all aid in his efforts


  • Not much of a rim protector right now. More of a position defender. Could use his length better to be active around the rim
  • Shooting the three more, but has a low volume. Loves the 12-18 foot jumper. He has the shot to expand to NBA range, but will he doesn’t like to take many right now
  • Continues to add strength. Still shies away from contact on the interior. A finesse finisher who is still working on power aspects
  • Has to maintain his growth as a ball-handler. Gonzaga has allowed him to initiate the offense at times throughout this season
  • He has guarded mostly fours and fives in college. Switching to guarding some NBA wings could be an adjustment