Robert Williams

Robert Williams

Position: PF/C                    College: Texas A&M       Class/YOB: Sophomore

Height: 6’9                          Weight: 240                    Wingspan: 7’5



  • Top-of-the-line shot-blocker. Possesses great timing and instincts when coming over from the help side to swat shots away.
  • Exceptional open-court athlete. Plus run-and-jump athlete that finishes lobs with force and beats bigs up the court on a consistent basis.
  • Should be able to contain guards in P&Rs. Shuffles well for a big, has active hands, and can recover if initially beat off the bounce.
  • High-volume rebounder. Normally around 10 rebounds a game playing alongside another space-eater in Tyler Davis. Fights around box outs and finds open space to get to loose balls.
  • Shows potential as a mid-range shooter. More so in his freshman year when he ventured out to the perimeter a little more. The ball doesn’t look great coming out but definitely could become solid from 12-17 feet.


  • Has games where he looks completely disinterested. Showed suspect effort in the games following his suspension. But he did pick it up later in the year and reminded everyone of the high-energy player he could be for the future.
  • Free throw shooting is atrocious. Teams can just foul him once he gets near the hoop. There have been uglier forms, but he doesn’t seem to have any confidence in it.
  • Shooting range is limited. Had flashes as a freshman hinting towards an improving jumper, but didn’t take the next step as a sophomore. Not sure if he was instructed to focus on his paint play or if his shooting took a hit.
  • Post play is almost nonexistent. Most of his offense comes on rim runs, lobs, and put backs. Can’t throw it to him on the block and expect results.
  • Can be a little too jumpy as a shot-blocker. Loves making highlight rejections which occasionally leads to him getting out of position falling for fakes.


25.6 63.2% 0.0% 47.1% 9.2 1.4 0.8 2.6 1.7 10.4