RJ Barrett

Position: SF                         From: Duke                        Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’7                          Weight: 220                        Wingspan: 6’10


  • Excellent downhill attacker. Constantly puts pressure on the defense and can complete plays in traffic. Draws fouls at a high rate
  • Good size and vertical explosion for a wing, possessing a really strong upper body and solid bounce
  • Plus court vision. Has a gravity about his game, drawing the attention of defenses and delivering passes on target. Acts as a lead guard when Tre Jones is out. He’s better as a scorer, but I really like his future as a pick-and-roll playmaker. Shows touch on slick cross-court passes and lobs.
  • Isolation upside. Hasn’t been as efficient in one-on-one situations as he should be, but the tools are there. Creates space off the dribble with deliberate dribbling moves and makes tough contested shots at the end of the shot clock
  • Smart player that plays angles particularly well. High-IQ allows for impact in a number of areas and will be more evident once the game slows down for him
  • One of the top rebounding perimeter players in the country. Grabs and pushes on the break, where he creates a lot of open looks
  • Promising shot maker. Has been very streaky from outside this season. Takes tougher shots than he needs to, but he has NBA range and a high release in his pull-up game that is going to be sharpened in the league
  • Killer instinct. Supremely confident bucket getter that is not shy in big moments. Has shown up on big stages throughout his prep and college career.


  • Can force the issue on offense, leading to tough, contested perimeter shots and turnovers
  • Defensive effort is spotty. His length makes up for some mistakes, but he isn’t always committed to making a difference on that end. Not the quickest laterally, so effort will be of the utmost importance at the next level
  • Leans heavily on his left hand when driving to the basket. Doesn’t look to attack to the right unless he’s getting to his pull-up. Will need to diversify his tendencies
  • Solid athlete, but doesn’t have a great first step. Relies more on angles than explosiveness with the ball. Has to make sure he doesn’t settle if initial drives are cut off.
  • Poor free throw shooter. Gets to the line a bunch, so he has to refine his foul shooting