Onyeka Okongwu

Position: PF/C                 From: USC                        Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’9                         Weight: 245                         Wingspan:


  • Endless motor. Runs the floor and rebounds with an edge. Among the most engaged post prospects in the country
  • Dominates the game with his defensive effort. Has the quickness to guard out in space and the length to protect the rim as a help defender. Challenges by staying vertical. Keeps his hands active
  • Explosive leaper that gets off of the ground in a hurry. He doesn’t need much space to get above the rim for a dunk
  • Wonderful footwork. He makes decisive moves in the post and will work off of his pivot foot until an opening arises. Okongwu can score on bigger defenders with touch and patience. When he gets the ball in deep, he typically finds a way to score or get to the line
  • Capable of attacking the rim off the dribble. When slower defenders are on him, he can face-up in the mid-post and use his speed to get all the way to the basket
  • Very mature approach. He makes aggressive mistakes. Has a natural patience about his game. A team player that gives constant effort on both ends. Okongwu is going to be a well respected in NBA locker rooms


  • Limited shooting range. I see a lot of promise with his foul shooting and touch from short range, but he is not a three-point threat right now
  • Could improve his handle to allow him to take more defenders out on the perimeter more regularly
  • Will need to make sure he stays out of foul trouble. He has to trust his timing and athleticism
  • Not the ideal height to play center in the NBA. Long arms allow him to play bigger so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue