Michael Porter

Michael Porter

Position: SF                         College: Missouri                             Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’11                        Weight: 211                                        Wingspan: 7’0



  • Great size for a perimeter player. He has the height of a power forward but the mobility of a guard.
  • Explosive, versatile scorer. Is the best iso scorer in the draft. His mid-range proficiency will lead to easy buckets in the league with his size. His three-point shot is solid. The lift on his jumper bodes well for the deeper line. We didn’t see much of his post-game, but it is going to be a real tool with his feel for his turnaround.
  • Has pro ready footwork. Gets low on drives and can stop on a dime to pull-up or change direction.
  • Playmaking ability is there, even though we didn’t see it in his limited action at Mizzou. With decent vision and a good handle for a wing, he can set up teammates when help defense comes.
  • Potential to be a versatile defender. Though his lateral quickness isn’t elite, he has the length and footwork capabilities to guard three positions down the line. Nice instincts in the passing lanes as well.


  • Back injury is still a question. He says he is fully healthy, but having a serious injury before playing a minute in the NBA is a cause for pause.
  • Can try to do too much. Sometimes commits turnovers from getting sped up or trying to make too much out of an iso.
  • Occasionally blanks on defense and gives up easy buckets. Lateral quickness isn’t great, but he is a capable defender when he wants to be. He’s a little too upright defensively. Committing to guarding well could separate him from the pack.
  • Weight is a worry right now. Is his build durable enough for a grueling NBA season? He has room for growth in that area, but it will make the threat of injury that much more apparent. His lower body needs more development to maximize his game.


17.7 33.3% 30.0% 77.8% 6.7 0.3 1.0 0.3 1.0 10.0