Marvin Bagley

Marvin Bagley

Position: PF                        College: Duke                                    Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’11                        Weight: 225                                       Wingspan: 7’0



  • Springy, smooth athlete. Lightning quick second jump allows him to dominate the offensive glass. Incredibly fluid when on the move in the open court.
  • Relentless finisher around the rim. Doesn’t shy away from contact (6.3 FTA per game) and can elevate over length. Especially dangerous when he gets to his left hand.
  • Tenacious rebounder. One of the top offensive rebounders to come out in the last 10 years. Has great hands and a nose for the ball.
  • Blossoming face-up game. Elite mid-post weapon due to touch, quickness, and ability to cover ground. Can knock down 12-18 foot jumpers as well. Three-point shot will become reliable sooner rather than later based on touch.
  • Confidence and consistency offensively. Has played against NBA stars during summer leagues and made his presence felt the majority of his freshman year at Duke.
  • Grounded, intelligent kid. Has an abundance of ability but knows success won’t come without work. Ceiling is high


  • Very left-hand dependent on drives and with his finishes.
  • Strength is lacking right now. Tremendous athlete, but his impact will be restricted against physically imposing NBA players. Occasionally gets buried in the post by bigger guys. It should come with time.
  • Disinterested defensively at times. Probably won’t ever be an elite rim protector, but he should be able to guard pick-and-rolls better. Too often he gives a lazy show and gives ball-handlers a wide open jumper or an easy straight line drive to the rim
  • Free throw shooting is a real problem. Has been in the 60s since high school and there is a large sample size. Stroke isn’t broke, but it’s not as smooth as his normal jumper. He’s too talented to be sitting late in games because of free throws.
  • Could become a better back-to-basket scorer. Not too many counters at this point.
  • Can he deal with not being “the guy” early in career? Needs to stay engaged even if the offense doesn’t run through him.



33.8 61.4% 39.7% 62.7% 11.1 1.5 0.8 0.9 2.3 21.0