Luka Doncic

Luka Doncic

(Rodolfo Molina/EB via Getty Images)

Position: SG/PG                      From: Slovenia                  Class/YOB: 1999

Height: 6’8                          Weight: 228                       Wingspan: N/A



  • Tremendous feel for the game, especially for a 19-year-old. Rare ability to diagnose plays a few steps ahead.
  • Good court vision, noticeable both in transition and in P&Rs. Sees the entire floor and can pass guys open. Size and timing allow him to capitalize on vision.
  • Superior size for a guard. He is capable of running an offense but could thrive as a ball-handling off-guard in the NBA. Strength and size are there. Great body control.
  • Pick and roll maestro, showing patience and understanding for reading defenses. Tough to find NBA rookies who are comfortable and experienced making plays out of the pick-and-roll.
  • Could be one of the top rebounding guards in the league. Attacks the glass on a regular basis and has the physicality to continue that impact with time. Loves to grab and go in transition.
  • Excellent footwork offensively. Effectively creates space with step-backs and hesitation moves. Despite having average explosion, he makes precise decisions off the bounce to get where he wants.
  • Jump shot is improving but shows knockdown potential. Shooting numbers veered off as the year went on. Does a good job of getting feet set in different scenarios. Release is consistent and his touch is reliable. Already has shown the ability to hit NBA threes and is a good career FT shooter.
  • Maturity is off-the-charts. No moment is too big for him. Composed in high-pressure situations and wants the ball with the game on the line.


  • Average to slightly above-average athlete for NBA standards. Isn’t very quick laterally, which impacts him most defensively on the ball. Size, strength, and instincts should allow him to become a respectable positional defender.
  • Can be a little too flashy with passes. He can make all the plays but sometimes it is to his detriment trying to make home-run plays.
  • Shooting has been streaky so far. Not uncommon for a teenager but worth noting. Part of it was settling for too many jumpers as the year went on.
  • Pick-and-roll defense is going to be a sizeable adjustment as he won’t just be able to use size to make up for mistakes. Switching will probably work best for him, but he will need to add strength to avoid being picked on early in his career.


24.9 46.1% 30.6% 80.6% 5.2 4.6 1.1 0.4 2.2 14.6