Luguentz Dort

Position: SG From: Arizona State Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’5 Weight: 220 Wingspan: 6’9


  • Powerful downhill driver. Bullies his way to the basket, dragging defenders with him
  • Welcomes physicality and hits contested layups that most players wouldn’t be able to get off. Almost unguardable as a penetrator at the college level
  • Gifted athlete. A force in transition. On top of being built like a truck, he has the speed and agility to beat defenders and help him contain the ball
  • Figures out ways to get up shots, even in non-traditional ways for a two-guard. Will power dribble into the lane and challenge a big. Crashes for put backs. Expect his post-game to continue to become an asset in the NBA
  • Has NBA-range, despite a cold second half of the year from three. Doesn’t hesitate to fire off of ball-screens and pin downs if he has space. Will need to make sure he is taking the right ones
  • Brings that toughness and rebounding that plays well in a rotation role. His body reminds me of Marcus Smart.
  • Naturally has good hands defensively, allowing for a lot of steals. Could be an even better defender with his size and length


  • Struggles with tunnel vision as a penetrator. I think he’s so used to overwhelming defenders off one move that he has a tendency to miss teammates when help comes. Commits a lot of turnovers just on making his mind up too early
  • Middle game isn’t used enough. He has looked like more of a two-level scorer, either hitting threes or getting all the way in. Not a horrible trait in today’s NBA, but he could find easier looks from the second level
  • Gambles a little bit too much on the defensive end. So focused on getting out on the break that his defensive fundamentals take a hit
  • Underdeveloped as a shooter. Started the year on fire, but like many young players, he’s fallen into a slump as the year has progressed. Part is shot selection and part is lacking genuine, consistent touch
  • I wonder if he will be able to move to a complementary role where he’s doing most of his work off the ball. A lot of his offense comes off early touches