Kevin Porter Jr.

Position: SG/SF From: USC Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’5 Weight: 220 Wingspan: 6’9


  • Projectable one-on-one scoring ability. Breaks down defenders with his handle in isolation situations, using a wide range of moves to find his shot. Loves to go to his stepback when he has a matchup on the perimeter. Has a league-ready scoring package already that is more efficient than most high-volume wings
  • Terrific size and strength for an off-guard. Very adept at powering through contact around the rim. Possesses explosive athleticism to match that should allow him to play all three spots on the perimeter
  • Physical gifts should allow him to be more of an asset on defense. Only shows his defensive potential in glimpses, applying pressure, rotating with energy, and using his strength and quickness to shut down penetration attempts
  • Plays best in up-tempo, open court styles. He does most of his damage in transition and early in the shot clock. Having more space to operate should work well for him
  • Undeniable skill and potential if he can put all the tools together


  • Very erratic energy level and performance. Had games where he looked like the best player on the court and other games where you barely noticed his presence. A mid-season suspension definitely didn’t help. Even in some games when he shot it well, there wasn’t always a clear impact on the outcome of the game
  • Plays around the ball too much at times. He knows he has an impressive handle, but it can be his demise when he tries to put defenders on a mixtape rather than keeping his moves efficient
  • Pour foul shooter. If penetration is going to be one of his primary offensive sources, he’ll need to be much more reliable at the line. He only shot around two a game, so it’s possible his low percentage is more of a focus issue
  • Hot-and-cold defender. Decides when he wants to compete on that end. A lot of times his offensive performance seems to dictate his defensive effort. He is too physically imposing to not take guarding seriously on a consistent basis