Kevin Huerter

Kevin Huerter

Position: SG                        College:                Maryland            Class/YOB: Sophomore

Height: 6’7                          Weight:                194                         Wingspan: 6’8



  • Lights-out shooter. Runs off of screens or spots up in transition to get behind the arc. Has range out to 25-feet and hits a high percentage of them. The purest shooter in the draft.
  • Supreme size for an off-guard. Sees over defenders, which helps as a playmaker and shooter.
  • Good athlete. Gets off the ground effectively. Recorded a 38-inch vertical at the combine. Fast at full sprint and covers ground especially well.
  • Strong passing instincts. Advances the ball in transition through the air. When defenses were keyed in on him at Maryland, he found the open man.
  • Plays under control. Makes plays within the flow of the offense. Understands the importance of ball movement. Effective scorer inside the arc (60%) due to patience and feel.
  • Very good rebounder for a guard. Athleticism is most apparent on the boards when he grabs misses at their apex.


  • Average length. Doesn’t play any bigger than his height.
  • Not strong for NBA standards. Put on a lot of muscles last summer, but still has a ways to go to avoid being bodied by stronger wings.
  • Defending will be a work in progress. Plays hard and is active, but is limited with a lack of length. He does shuffle well but has a tendency to be too upright in his stance.
  • Offensive creativity is lacking. Made decent strides a year ago. May never be asked to do more than make decisions off of spot ups. Still could be more valuable if he had more ways to get his own shot.



34.4 50.3% 41.7% 75.8% 5.0 3.4 0.6 0.7 2.5 14.8