Jaylen Hands

Position: PG From: UCLA Class/YOB: Sophomore
Height: 6’3 Weight: 180 Wingspan: 6’4


  • NBA-level athlete with good height and length. Explosive point guard that is going to show well at the combine
  • Capable shooter from distance. Largely has been streaky over his two years at UCLA, but he has had longer hot stretches this year. Comfortable pulling up off the dribble from 12-23 feet
  • Pick-and-roll reads are more precise this year. Does a good job staying tight to the screener to create space. Hits leaners and mid-range shots regularly off screens. Shows the ability to through skips or lobs based on the defense
  • Sees the court well. Needs to work on making accurate decisions at full speed, but he finds shooters and has sound timing on drives. Averages over 8 assists per 40 minutes so far
  • Can be disruptive in the passing lanes and as a help defender when he is energized
  • Good head on his shoulders. Despite some up-and-down stretches individually and as a team, he has continued to welcome a leadership role


  • Still too turnover prone. Most look like a loss of focus. A rushed pass here, a travel trying to attack too quickly there. Very correctable, but need some time
  • Skinny, even for a point guard. Naturally has a slight frame that doesn’t look like it will hold a lot of weight. As he continues to play downhill, taking contact throughout a long season may be tough
  • On-ball defense should be better. In a conference of solid point guards, he picks his spots for applying pressure. Isn’t as laterally quick as he is in straight lines and not blessed with long arms
  • Dry spells from the perimeter may be worrisome. Can seemingly go from red hot to ice cold within a few possessions