James Wiseman

Position: PF/C              From: Memphis                        Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 7’1                          Weight: 240                        Wingspan:


  • Athletic traits are off the charts for a 7-footer. Very quick second jump around the rim and highly mobile when changing ends
  • Brings constant energy on the glass as a rebounder. He was one of the premier offensive rebounders in the nation before being ruled ineligible
  • Finishes above the rim with a purpose. Defenses have to game plan to take away his lobs, opening the floor up for perimeter players
  • Soft touch in and around the paint. His jump hook over his right shoulder is nearly unguardable with his length
  • Face-up ability should become a weapon. Has a high release and good follow-through. Expect him to develop a three-point shot early to complement his quickness getting to the rim off the dribble.
  • Projects as a plus rim-protector. Wiseman is early to help and alters a high percentage of shots in his area as a result. With his mobility defending in space, he has All-Defensive upside.


  • Developing physical strength. He isn’t always able to power through players in the post the way his game suggest he could with more strength.
  • Shooting is not a huge threat right now. He can knock down mid-range jumpers with time, but he isn’t going to be contested once he gets outside of 18 feet
  • Very reliant on getting to his left hand in the post. As dominant as his jump hook may be, NBA bigs will do a better job forcing him to go to counter moves
  • He only played in three games this year. Workouts can only show so much, especially for a guy who is going to be a top-5 pick.