Jalen Smith

Position: PF From: Maryland Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’10 Weight: 215 Wingspan: N/A


  • Relentless offensive rebounder who is always putting in second and third efforts
  • Athletic finisher around the rim. Punches home dump off passes and elevates for lobs with ease
  • Promising touch. Has a good mid-range jump shot that he didn’t shoot a lot of this season. Three-point range will follow with more development
  • Projects as a useful defender that has the ability to challenge shots around the rim and make players work on the perimeter


  • Needs to add strength. Has a projectable physique that should be able to pack on muscle
  • Can expose mismatches in the post but is largely a guy who prefers doing work in face-up positions. Back-to-basket game needs work
  • High energy guy that can play with other good players. But can he handle the role as a primary big?
  • Ball-handling could use some refinement. He’s further along than a lot of bigs, but his play style is going to flourish with a tighter handle