Ja Morant

Position: PG                       From: Murray State              Class/YOB: Sophomore

Height: 6’3                         Weight: 175                         Wingspan: 6’7


  • Next-level vision and passing instincts. Diagnoses the help defense and delivers the ball on time from a number of different angles. Ridiculous ability to pass guys open. Teammates will run the floor knowing he’ll find them. The best pure passer to come out of college in a while
  • Showtime playmaker in the open court. Blows by defenders in transition to score or create a wide open shot
  • Freakish athletic profile. A blur with the ball, plus size and length, and easy bounce. A walking poster when attacking the rim. Has the look of an All-Star point guard
  • Slippery ball-handler that can break down defenses whenever he wants. Can occasionally do too much, but is usually very precise getting to his spots and drawing contact where he shoots over 80 percent at the line
  • Superb paint scorer. Understands when to elevate over the rim, has impressive hang time, and can finish with floaters.
  • Top pick-and-roll playmaker in the class. Keeps his dribble live and can get to the rim at any time
  • Very active on the glass for a point guard. A triple-double threat every night.
  • A chance to be an elite defender. Length and athleticism give him good tools to develop. Always remains active with his hands, picking a lot of pockets when ball-handlers get loose with the ball. Has a lot of responsibility at Murray State, so he’s not always putting max energy into that end
  • Love his humility and quiet confidence. Doesn’t seem affected by outside noise. Has the leadership qualities you want in a floor general


  • Incredibly turnover prone. Sky-high usage, but can lose focus when playing at high speeds. With his great vision comes the desire to make plays in tight windows that may not be open
  • Shot is a work in progress, but not broken by any means. Needs to make teams pay for going under screens and sagging off. Capable of going off from deep in some games. One-motion shot doesn’t waste too much movement. He’s a good foul shooter so hopefully increased practice will allow for more consistent output
  • Slight build. Plays tough, but he may need added strength to maintain his performance throughout an NBA season
  • Hasn’t faced the volume of NBA-level talent as his major conference peers. He dropped 38 against Alabama and 25 against a tough Auburn team this season, so I’m not too worried about it. But it’s worth noting