Gary Trent

Gary Trent

Position: SG                        College: Duke                    Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’6                          Weight: 204                        Wingspan: 6’9



  • Deadeye shooter from three. Range, form, and touch are among the top in the class. Also has a few useful moves to get space for his jumper. If all else fails, he could function as a floor-spacing two-guard.
  • Underrated defender. Physically stronger than people think, especially with his upper-body. Allows him to absorb contact when guarding the ball. Will need to commit to playing hard and competing on and off the ball.
  • Good size and length for an NBA two-guard. Should have no problem guarding both wing positions.
  • High IQ player that understands where and when to pick his spots.
  • Good rebounder for a guard. Creates extra possessions with hustle plays on the glass.
  • Slashing ability is solid. Doesn’t have the most creative handle, but his shooting ability forces closeouts that he can attack. Finishes fairly well through contact. Also is lights-out at the line if fouled.


  • Athleticism is average for NBA standards. Not a great leaper or sprinter on the break. His first step is just alright.
  • Not the best creator for his teammates. Vision is nothing special and his passing instincts are about where they should be.
  • Handle isn’t good enough right now to break guys down off the dribble. Has some two or three dribble combos that he likes to find his jumper but nothing that will beat solid defensive wings in space.
  • Has potential as a defender, but wasn’t fully bought in at Duke.


33.8 41.5% 40.2% 87.6% 4.2 1.4 1.2 0.1 1.0 14.5