Dzanan Musa

Dzanan Musa

Position: SF                         From: Bosnia                      Class/YOB: 1999

Height: 6’9                          Weight: 187                        Wingspan: 6’9



  • True wing with great size. Is borderline 6’9 with a frame that can add a good amount of weight.
  • Tough, competitive kid. Attacks the game with a fierceness that is noteworthy. Will jaw at opponents, fight for loose balls, and make big shots.
  • Good outside stroke. Has continued to show growth with his shooting. Finds creative ways to get open looks but can hit from well behind the arc. Range won’t be an issue.
  • Penetrates well for his size. Drives low and creates angles with his body to get around defenders.
  • Growing 1-on-1 game. Can dance a little with the ball and throw defenders off with hesitations and step-backs. Still needs some work, but is a projectable tool to work with.


  • Short arms for his height. Doesn’t have the reach you’d want out of a big wing.
  • Rail thin. Built like a stick right now. Definitely looks like he could eventually get up to a solid 215-220 weight, but is limited on both ends by an inability to hold his ground against size. Uses length and toughness to combat it, which is promising.
  • Could come off as cocky with the way he plays. Confidence isn’t a bad thing, but he does tend to almost show up his teammates on occasion with responses during the game.
  • Has played against solid competition at a professional level but hasn’t seen the type of athletes the NBA offers. Should be able to make the transition, but may take some time physically and mentally.


20.2 47.5% 36.4% 75.6% 3.2 0.9 0.7 0.3 1.4 10.5