Dylan Windler

Position: SG/SF From: Belmont Class/YOB: Senior
Height: 6’8 Weight: 200 Wingspan: N/A


  • Terrific size for a wing. Stands about 6’8 with a plus wingspan
  • Good athlete. Quick leaper and very fluid athlete with and without the ball
  • Reliable spot-up shooter with deep range. Has consistent footwork and a release that extends to NBA range. Is always looking for space to pull the trigger from deep
  • Efficient scorer. Shooting opens him up for slashing and back cuts, where he is equally as effective delivering around the basket. Probably more of a shooter in the NBA, but he makes the most of his offensive opportunities. Has managed to maintain a high level of production with increased defensive attention. One of the most proficient college players that is rarely discussed
  • Terrific rebounder. His instincts, anticipation, and effort lead to a lot of double-digit nights on the glass
  • Positional versatility. Plays with the good pace, passes off the dribble, and makes slick moves with the ball. Much more comfortable this year in pick-and-rolls. Kind of has deceptive length on offense with how low he gets on drives before rising up for dunks. Also uses his size to his advantages on the defensive end, should allow him to play three spots as he adds strength


  • Skinny for NBA standards. Most apparent when he tries to score through defenders with more bulk. Plays with toughness but has physical limitations right now
  • Not dynamic as a ball-handler. Doesn’t try to force against pressure. Can be neutralized to an extent when defenders are tight and take away his jumper
  • As good as he is as an athlete, he can get beat up on the interior. Especially against guys with similar size. At Belmont, he has to guard more posts than he should at the next level. Still moves his feet fairly well and competes on the glass
  • Balance can be an issue when going at high speeds. Can lose his footing or be sped up into errant passes
  • Hasn’t had to guard as much in space as he will at the next level. Could be a solid perimeter defender with the ground he covers and hands. Lateral quickness isn’t overwhelming though.