Darius Bazley

Position: PF From: N/A Class/YOB: 2000
Height: 6’9 Weight: 200 Wingspan: 6’11


  • Playmaking skill with frontcourt height. Uses hesitations and crossovers nicely to create off the dribble. Good grab-and-go threat on the break, where he is most dangerous
  • Excellent defensive prospect. He’s blessed with really long arms that allow him to be a pest on the ball and a guardian at the rim. He closes on shooters quickly to contest shots. There is no doubt he would have been a great piece to that Syracuse 2-3 zone. As he gains more knowledge about player tendencies and staying under control, he should be a plus defender
  • Drives left a lot, but he can finish with either hand around the tin. Brings fluid body control once he gets up in the air with the hang time and soft touch to complete plays
  • Already an NBA level athlete. Should pump out an impressive vertical at the combine. He has an ease with the way he moves around the court
  • Sees right over defenses to make passes. When I talk about his grab-and-go ability, his vision on the break is just as important. Still has even more growth to do in terms of effectively diagnosing plays as a distributor


  • Might be the thinnest frontcourt player in the 2019 class. It’s a shame because he would be best as a small ball four where he may have to play against some slower, but more physical players
  • Jump shot form is not ideal. Flares out his left elbow, a little like Ben Simmons does. He can make some outside shots with time and space. Much more of a mid-range shooter than a three weapon. I’m sure he has been working on it in his year off
  • Has a tendency to leave his dribble high when he drives. Though he protects it fairly well, he will be able to get by more guys if he stays low
  • A full year off of competitive basketball will be of question. I thought the initial plan was the G-League, but he seemed to decide to work on his body and game independently. Uncertainty being seen against top talent in the ACC may draw some criticism