Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton

Position: PG                       College: Alabama             Class/YOB: Freshman

Height: 6’1                         Weight: 183                      Wingspan: 6’7



  • Off-the-charts competitiveness. Never stops bringing energy and fire.
  • Relentless finisher. Can penetrate well, absorb contact, and finish plays with finesse or power.
  • Next-level athleticism. Explodes in transition and elevates over length. Isn’t the type to put guys on a poster, but gets high on his layups to avoid shot-blockers.
  • Good defensive instincts. Wasn’t always engaged defensively, but has the reputation of being a pest on the ball. Knows how to anticipate well.
  • Tireless scorer. Excellent at creating space, even though his jumper is inconsistent. Can heat up quickly and doesn’t take his foot off the gas. If given the freedom, he could be the best scoring guard in the class.
  • Plus vision. Wasn’t surrounded by a lot of talent at Alabama, but he is a capable playmaker, even when going at high speed.


  • Can get going too fast and make silly turnovers.
  • Size could be a problem. Is small for NBA standards. Athleticism should help counter this.
  • May rub some teammates the wrong way. Sometimes may appear to want it too much and play outside of the team. It comes with his great competitiveness.
  • Shooting is streaky. When he’s on, he can light it up with his mid-range pull-ups and outside jumpers. But also goes through stretches where it looks like he’s forcing things. Training and experience should fix this, as his shot is just a little flat right now.
  • Defensive consistency. He has potential to be a problem for opposing ball-handlers, but can’t take plays off like he did at Alabama. As a small guard, he can’t afford to develop a reputation as a wavering defender.


29.9 44.7% 33.6% 77.8% 3.8 3.6 0.8 0.1 2.8 19.2