Charlie Brown

Position: SF From: Saint Joseph’s Class/YOB: Sophomore
Height: 6’7 Weight: 197 Wingspan: N/A


  • Talented scorer. Moves with enough fluidity to shake defenders off the dribble. Has the ability to shoot off of various actions like pin downs, isolations, or spot-ups
  • Great size for a wing player
  • Length gives him some upside as a defender. He does a nice job in the passing lanes collecting deflections
  • Committed rebounder. Used boards as a way to get himself going when shots weren’t falling. His willingness to stick his nose in there will help if he plays a small-ball four


  • Very skinny, wiry frame. Adding bulk last summer. Still has to work on his strength if he wants to be a regular contributor throughout a grueling season
  • He had to take a lot of tough shots at Saint Joe’s. Can he settle into a role scoring more off the ball with a lower volume of looks? He took a nice jump in his efficiency from his freshman year so hopefully that trajectory can continue
  • Likes to do most of his damage from behind the three-point line and with long twos. He has too much size to not be doing more work on the inside. His touch and length could be an asset if he works on his post-up game
  • Not a duel threat in terms of his passing ability. Got assists out of necessity but his vision is average