Brian Bowen

Position: SF From: Australia (USA) Class/YOB: 1998
Height: 6’7 Weight: 200 Wingspan: 6’10


  • Aggressive transition player with the athleticism to thrive on the break
  • Defensive upside with his size as a wing. Knows how to use length when he is engaged. Playing against grown men this past season forced him to accept a lesser role than he played for most of his life
  • Has a scorer’s mentality. Likes to fill it up and look to score when he has the chance. His handle shows flashes to give hope that he will become a useful isolation weapon. His one-dribble pull-up is clean and he can shoot with rhythm from three
  • Moves fluidly and effortlessly. Will serve him defensively guarding multiple spots and as a player that can create mismatches on the perimeter


  • Has some work to do in order to find a defined role offensively. He wants to score, but he isn’t going to be given that freedom from most teams early on
  • Skinny for a wing. The hope is that he can fill out eventually
  • Doesn’t always defend to his capabilities. He plays with decent energy for the most part and could find playing time as a wing defender and lane filler in transition
  • Lack of strength can hinder his slashing playstyle. NBA perimeter defenders will make it difficult for him to finish through the contact