NBA Draft Spotlight: Tremont Waters

LSU floor general Tremont Waters isn't a lock to be selected in this year's draft, but he seems set on leaving LSU. His grit may give him a shot in the league. Position: PG From: LSU Class/YOB: Sophomore Height: 5'11 Weight: 170 Wingspan: N/A Strengths: Pesky defender that can frustrate ball handlers. Excellent hands when … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Tremont Waters

NBA Draft Spotlight: Quinndary Weatherspoon

Quinndary Weatherspoon is a solid player that scored over 2,000 points at Mississippi State. He has rounded out his game to make him a serious threat to make a roster next season. Position: SG From: Mississippi State Class/YOB: Senior Height: 6'4 Weight: 205 Wingspan: N/A Strengths: Physical attacker that finishes at a high rate in … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Quinndary Weatherspoon

NBA Draft Spotlight: Yoeli Childs

BYU junior Yoeli Childs has been on NBA radars since he was a freshman. He has continued to add layers to his game and looks like a player ready to turn pro. Position: PF From: BYU Class/YOB: Junior Height: 6'8 Weight: 225 Wingspan: 7'0 Strengths: Active, athletic post player that changes ends quickly Elite above-the-rim … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Yoeli Childs

Dean Wade

NBA Draft Spotlight: Dean Wade

Injuries took away a lot of games from Kansas State star Dean Wade. Barring any future injuries, he could rise up draft boards following workouts. Position: PF From: Kansas State Class/YOB: Senior Height: 6'10 Weight: 225 Wingspan: N/A Strengths: Efficient perimeter shooter. Stretches the floor at the post spots where he can hit mid-range shots … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Dean Wade

NBA Draft Spotlight: Charles Matthews

The former Kentucky recruit found success as a transfer at Michigan. In two years, Charles Matthews was a driving force behind one of the nation's top defenses while providing big shots in big moments. Position: SG From: Michigan Class/YOB: Junior Height: 6'6 Weight: 210 Wingspan: N/A Strengths: Strong all-around defender. Moves with a purpose and … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Charles Matthews

NBA Draft Spotlight: Paul Eboua

French forward Paul Eboua is still a candidate to be a late withdrawal in this year's draft. Should he stay, he has the long-term tools that would be hard to pass up. Position: SF/PF From: France Class/YOB: 2000 Height: 6'7 Weight: 210 Wingspan: 7'2 Strengths: Exceptional defensive profile. Traditional length and mobility for a wing. … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Paul Eboua

NBA Draft Spotlight: Dedric Lawson

Even with a year left of eligibility, Dedric Lawson is leaving Kansas after testing the waters a few years ago. Some of the issues that existed then still persist, but overall, Lawson is much more fit to be a pro. Position: PF From: Kansas Class/YOB: Junior Height: 6'9 Weight: 230 Wingspan: 7'2 Strengths: Oddly impressive … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Dedric Lawson

NBA Draft Spotlight: Jordan Poole

I think most Michigan fans expected Jordan Poole to test the NBA Draft waters to gain some feedback, but I'm doubting many people saw him committing to staying in the draft before the combine. Position: SG From: Michigan Class/YOB: Sophomore Height: 6'5 Weight: 195 Wingspan: N/A Strengths: Gifted shot maker, especially from beyond the arc. … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Jordan Poole

Kellan Grady NBA

NBA Draft Spotlight: Kellan Grady

Kellan Grady was a little less efficient in his sophomore season following a big freshman year at Davidson. There is some speculation that he will remain in the draft, where he could be a second-round pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Position: SG/PG From: Davidson Class/YOB: Sophomore Height: 6'5 Weight: 195 Wingspan: N/A Strengths: Score-first … Continue reading NBA Draft Spotlight: Kellan Grady