Anthony Edwards

Position: SG                 From: Georgia                        Class/YOB: Freshman

Height:  6’4                        Weight: 225                        Wingspan: 6’9


  • Powerful athlete. Built like an NFL wide receiver. Explosive leaper that can play through contact on his drives.
  • Effective slasher attacking with either hand. Edwards has a knack for getting defenders on his hip and using his frame to finish
  • Has all of the physical tools to be a defensive stopper. Whether or not he becomes an elite defender is a matter of his commitment to that end
  • Best isolation player in the class. Even though he’s built more like a wing, he can handle the ball and distribute off the bounce like a lead guard.
  • Elevates very well on his pull-up. Comfortable getting to his spot attacking left off of a couple of dribbles. Mid-range game is more of his forte right now, but he has deep three-point range as well.
  • Should be able to invert into a deadly postup player against smaller guards


  • Shot selection is spotty. Settles for far too many deep threes against opponents he can overpower
  • Shooting consistency is still a work in progress. A large reason for his low percentages was shot selection, but his three-point shot can come off flat at times
  • Defensive effort is not up to par. Edwards could be a stud pestering the ball, but there were also times where he was disengaged and disinterested as a defender
  • Patience in the pick-and-roll game could use some work. He is an adept passer and terrific downhill driver with a promising pull-up. Once things slow down for Edwards, he will be a nightmare