NBA Draft Spotlight: Tyler Cook

Iowa big man Tyler Cook was considering entering the draft a year ago. This year, there is no indecision, as he is officially leaving the Hawkeyes after three seasons.

Position: PF From: Iowa Class/YOB: Junior
Height: 6’9 Weight: 253 Wingspan: 7’1


  • A well-built athlete that has very good strength, length, and bounce
  • Tough rebounder around the rim
  • Has shown the ability to step out and knock down mid-range shots from around 17 feet. His pick-and-pop game has some potential
  • Doesn’t get enough credit for his passing instincts. He played well out of the high post with Luka Garza and found shooters out of double teams when he was patient


  • Not a difference-maker defensively. Can struggle to defend against quickness in pick-and-rolls and doesn’t deter players at the rim as a shot-blocker
  • Will need to stretch out his shooting range. Only took 21 threes in his career at Iowa
  • Plays with unharnessed energy on offense that can lead to turnovers
  • He will be able to power through some players on the low block. When matched against length, he can struggle to finish plays
14.5 7.6 2.4 0.7 0.5 2.8 51.0% 0.0% 64.4%

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