NBA Draft Spotlight: Jalen Lecque

Jalen Lecque looks to be next in the line of prep school to NBA players. The NC State commit showed well at the combine and appears more and more likely to skip college basketball altogether.

Position: PG From: NC State (Commit) Class/YOB: HS
Height: 6’3 Weight: 180 Wingspan: 6’9


  • Elite level athleticism. He absolutely explodes off the ground and has a burst with the ball that is different than other prospects
  • Plus length will give him an advantage as a defender. He is a little immature on that end, but he can make up for some mistakes with his athletic ability
  • Finishes with flare above the rim. He has power and hangtime that allow him to put on some highlight films
  • Vision is there as a playmaker. When he is in transition, he finds open guys


  • Has hot-and-cold decision making with the ball. He applies constant pressure getting downhill, but hasn’t mastered how to consistently stay under control
  • Shooting is a work-in-progress. Part of me would like to see him go to NC State and really dive deep into compacting his form
  • Doesn’t display the same constant effort on defense that he does when the ball is in his hands
  • Will he be able to effectively play off the ball? Shooting is below average and he doesn’t move a ton without the ball. He has a combo-guard look, but he is more of a ball-watcher when he isn’t playing point

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