NBA Draft Spotlight: Moses Brown

UCLA big man Moses Brown left after a decent freshman season. He brings a lot of size and physical tools that could be of use to some team willing to develop him.

Position: C From: UCLA Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 7’1 Weight: 241 Wingspan: 7’4


  • Terrific size and length. Was one of the tallest players at the combine
  • Protects the rim well. Has to work on staying vertical, but he regularly contests shots in his area. Averaged 3.3 blocks per 40 minutes
  • Has the ability to outrun opposing bigs. Very agile for a 7-footer
  • Has soft hands and the ability to easily finish above the rim. Was one of the top offensive rebounders in the country as a freshman. Crashes with a purpose
  • A projectable body that should be able to put on some weight


  • Struggles with physicality at times. Can lose out on rebounds or be buried in the post due to a lack of strength
  • Atrocious foul shooter
  • Not going to be guarded anywhere outside of 12-feet at this point
  • Has to work on his footwork on rolls and in the post. You can tell he is still inexperienced by the way he rushes when he gets the ball
9.7 8.3 0.3 0.6 1.9 1.5 60.7% 0.00% 35.2%

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