NBA Draft Spotlight: Jessie Govan

  1. After a coaching change, Jessie Govan was the most dominant player for Georgetown over the last couple seasons. The big man from New York adjusted his game to fit the modern NBA and will now see if the change was worthwhile.
Position: C From: Georgetown Class/YOB: Senior
Height: 6’10 Weight: 255 Wingspan: 7’4


  • Big body with good footwork offensively. Has always had nimble feet, but had to drop some weight to use it to his advantage
  • Physical rebounder who clears out space well
  • Plus wingspan allows him to play bigger than his listed height. Shows up most when he is reaching for rebounds but also helps contest shots and defend on the inside
  • Stretched out his range to the NBA line. A career 40 percent three shooter, he finally upped his volume as a senior


  • Can be exposed while guarding on the perimeter. Doesn’t have great lateral quickness to stay in front of guys
  • Doesn’t has quick, explosive ability off the ground
  • Has to continue to work on his conditioning
  • Can be slow getting up the court allowing opposing bigs to get early position. Lacks open court speed
17.5 7.5 1.2 0.8 0.2 1.5 49.6% 41.2% 76.6%

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