NBA Draft Spotlight: Tremont Waters

LSU floor general Tremont Waters isn’t a lock to be selected in this year’s draft, but he seems set on leaving LSU. His grit may give him a shot in the league.

Position: PG From: LSU Class/YOB: Sophomore
Height: 5’11 Weight: 170 Wingspan: N/A


  • Pesky defender that can frustrate ball handlers. Excellent hands when players try to make moves on him
  • NBA-level playmaker that can get into the teeth of the defense and set up teammates
  • Fearless competitor that has the mental toughness to make up for a lack of height
  • He is a better shooter than his numbers suggest. Has straight lift on his shot and can shoot it from NBA-range


  • Miniature size makes it tough at times to pass on the inside and defense in the post
  • Decision making still needs work, as he can be sped into mistakes and forced into positions where his size makes passing angles tough
  • Shooting fell off last season with more defensive attention. He doesn’t have the quickest release so longer players can play off and still recover
  • Below-the-rim finisher that doesn’t have the vertical to score over NBA-level defenders. He uses his floater well, which is a nice tool as he progresses
15.3 2.8 5.8 2.9 0.1 3.5 43.0% 32.7% 81.3%

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