NBA Draft Spotlight: Yoeli Childs

BYU junior Yoeli Childs has been on NBA radars since he was a freshman. He has continued to add layers to his game and looks like a player ready to turn pro.

Position: PF From: BYU Class/YOB: Junior
Height: 6’8 Weight: 225 Wingspan: 7’0


  • Active, athletic post player that changes ends quickly
  • Elite above-the-rim finisher that completes lobs and putbacks every night. His presence as a roll man will draw a lot of attention
  • Mobility looks like a skill that will serve him well when guarding pick-and-rolls. He’s not a great shot blocker, but he has good recovery speed
  • Outside stroke has grown substantially to the point where teams can now view him as a three-point threat
  • Has a good IQ and understanding of operating in the post. Can dish the ball when double teams come. In one-on-one situations, he uses his shoulders well to get to his jump hooks
  • Strong, lean build to play either post spot


  • Footwork on the inside can get sloppy, especially when his initial bumps are not successful
  • Has been very effective in the paint during his college career. This last year, as he worked to expand his game, he gave up some possessions trying to handle the ball more. I appreciate the freedom and commitment, but he should stick to his bread and butter down low early on and sprinkle that in more when it develops
  • For such a springy athlete, he isn’t a terrific shot-blocker. Not a slouch by any means, but his height and rim protection aren’t great for a post
  • Doesn’t always contain ball-handlers on P&Rs like he should
21.2 9.7 2.1 1.0 1.0 2.8 50.7% 32.3% 70.8%

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