NBA Draft Spotlight: Paul Eboua

French forward Paul Eboua is still a candidate to be a late withdrawal in this year’s draft. Should he stay, he has the long-term tools that would be hard to pass up.

Position: SF/PF From: France Class/YOB: 2000
Height: 6’7 Weight: 210 Wingspan: 7’2


  • Exceptional defensive profile. Traditional length and mobility for a wing. Should be able to guard up to three positions
  • Aggressive rebounder that crashes from the perimeter to get second chance buckets
  • Slashes in a straight line fairly well. Has the ability to finish over defenders, though his handle is underdeveloped
  • Young, projectable body. Could round into a top-level NBA athlete


  • Raw prospect. Has very a lowly refined handling ability and overall offensive skill set
  • Undisciplined defender. Falls for fakes and jumps into the passing lanes quick
  • Has a slow, inconsistent outside shot. Brings the ball down to his knees before elevating. Will need serious coaching to improve this aspect of his game
  • Likely won’t ever become a second or third option offensively. Should work on becoming a dominant defender to carve out a role
5.4 3.4 0.7 0.3 0.2 1.0 39.4% 31.2% 61.5%

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