NBA Draft Spotlight: Jordan Poole

I think most Michigan fans expected Jordan Poole to test the NBA Draft waters to gain some feedback, but I’m doubting many people saw him committing to staying in the draft before the combine.

Position: SG From: Michigan Class/YOB: Sophomore
Height: 6’5 Weight: 195 Wingspan: N/A


  • Gifted shot maker, especially from beyond the arc. He can make shots off the dribble from long-range, which will be important for a player who will have a role as a microwave
  • Good quickness and athleticism in space
  • Took nice steps as a defender this season. Has the length and lateral movement to be a reliable cog on that end. Plays the passing lanes well
  • Has projectable ball-handling ability. Didn’t do a ton of creating, but he showed flashes of one-on-one skill when given the space
  • A much better passer than he is credited for


  • Susceptible to turnovers when he’s forced to put the ball on the ground. Doesn’t always stay under control when going downhill
  • Shot selection is questionable at times. Takes a lot of deep threes early in the clock
  • Was not much of a threat inside the arc. As the best floor spacer on the team, he was in more spot-up roles than on-ball actions
  • Still shows youth with stretches where he isn’t actively involved in the game
12.8 3.0 2.2 1.1 0.2 1.5 43.6% 36.9% 83.3%

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