NBA Draft Spotlight: A.J. Lawson

South Carolina freshman A.J. Lawson was somewhat of a surprise in his first season. His potential as a wing weapon is going to show over the next month as he decides whether or not he will keep his name in the draft.

Position: SF From: South Carolina Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’6 Weight: 172 Wingspan: 6’10


  • A springy athlete that excels in the open court. Runs his lanes with a purpose in transition where he creates a lot of early offense
  • Talented playmaker for a small forward. Makes smooth moves off the dribble and delivers passes when help comes. Has that anticipation as a passer that produces open looks
  • Future as a defender is promising. Stays up in the passing lanes, has good horizontal movement, and has plus length that will give him an advantage
  • Shoots it well from three when he’s in rhythm. Really started to get hot towards the end of the season, but took a decent volume all season. While he works on his strength, being able to knock down outside jumpers will be key


  • Wiry frame has a negative effect on his ability to complete plays. Doesn’t finish in the lane the way you would expect because physicality can deter his attacks
  • Shooting has potential, but he will need to continue to become more consistent from the mid-range and three-point line
  • Was forced into a point forward role, which he did an admiral job of for a freshman. As he develops as a primary playmaker, he has to be a little more protective of the ball. Makes a lot of turnovers from a loss of focus or trying to be too fancy with the pass
  • Would like to see him use his length and athletic gifts to be even more of a menace defending the ball
13.4 4.3 2.9 1.1 0.2 2.6 41.1% 35.8% 66.7%

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