NBA Draft Spotlight: Luka Samanic

Largely considered a first-round talent, Luka Samanic will have to decide if this is the right time to bring his game to the NBA.

Position: PF/C From: Croatia Class/YOB: 2000
Height: 6’11 Weight: 220 Wingspan: N/A


  • Incredibly fluid sprinter and jumper. His half speed can beat bigs up the court. Makes his mark as a rebounder when he is active due to the quickness and timing of his jumps
  • Handles the ball very well for a near 7-footer. Loves to attack the basket from the perimeter off the catch where he can dunk in traffic. Plays a little more like a wing than a post
  • Shoots the ball with range and confidence out to the three-point line. The consistency of his release should lead to better results than he’s had thus far in his professional career
  • Shows off a lot of passing ability when he gets in the paint. Could be a good high-low option
  • Size and length work well with his feet to guard on switches


  • Skinny. Lack of strength limits his play style. He will penetrate but be affected by a forearm. When he tries to get open, defenders can push him out of scoring range on his catch
  • Possesses great size that he doesn’t use much to post up. Much more of a 17-foot face-up player
  • Rebounding is spotty
  • Not much of a rim protector despite height and athleticism
7.4 4.5 0.9 1.3 0.5 0.3 48.2% 30.3% 70.4%

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