NBA Draft Spotlight: Naz Reid

LSU big man Naz Reid continued to develop into a top option for the Tigers after coming in as a McDonald’s All-American. To little surprise, he has announced his intentions to leave for the NBA where he could really help his stock at the NBA Combine.

Position: PF/C From: LSU Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6ā€™10 Weight: 240 Wingspan: 7’0


  • Nimble footwork for a player of his size. Able to work around opposing bigs in the post as a result
  • Powerful upper body that will make him a solid screen and roller
  • Capable of putting the ball on the floor to attack from the perimeter. Can face-up from 15-17 feet and make a move to get to the basket. Uses his shoulders to create space for hooks on the inside
  • Can make shots from the outside with time. Set shot has good arc and rotation, so I expect that part of his game to grow the most


  • Not always as willing to pass out of the post when he doesn’t have a matchup. Double teams can lead him into turnovers or rushed shots
  • Settles for too many jumpers
  • Tries to bull rush defenders in the post a lot. Has to take his time and assess the defense before making a predetermined move
  • Not an above-the-rim athlete, so he will need to work on runners and hooks to complement his power finishes in the paint
  • Doesn’t commit to defense. Not quick or long, which makes his defensive potential very questionable. Ends up fouling a lot from lazy shot block attempts
13.6 7.2 0.9 0.7 0.7 2.5 46.8% 33.3% 72.7%

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