NBA Draft Spotlight: Cam Johnson

An early departure won’t take away from the breakout season of Carolina sharpshooter Cam Johnson. The timing was perfect, setting him up for a pick somewhere in the 25-35 range in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Position: SF From: North Carolina Class/YOB: Senior
Height: 6’9 Weight: 210 Wingspan: N/A


  • Great size for a wing. Should have no problem sliding over to play four in smaller lineups
  • Lights-out shooter from mid-range and three. One of the best spot-up shooters in college basketball that is also tough to guard coming off down screens. Always finds a way to get square to the rim and gets his high release off in a hurry at his size
  • Underrated defender. Moves a lot better than he did a year ago when he was battling some injuries. Covers a lot of ground laterally and knows how to contest without fouling
  • High-IQ player that won’t complain about his role. Makes the necessary passes, regularly is in the right position on the help side, and communicates well


  • Improved handling ability, but still not likely to use it for more than attacking wild close outs. Very little wiggle. Long strides allow him to only need a dribble or two to gather. Teams will look to run him off the line
  • Has to add more strength if he is going to make the most of a role as a stretch four. Has always played on the wing but guarded some bigger forwards. The task of stopping physical bigs will be greater in the NBA
  • More than just a shooter but less than a shot-creator. His offense is predicated on finding his jumper, which he can do off the ball really well. One-on-one creativity is below-average, typically looking for a quick step back or straight line drive
  • Average athlete at best. Quickness guarding on the wing has been an issue at times when he closes out with too upright of a stance. Needs to hold true to his defensive fundamentals given the fact that he is not an overwhelming athlete. Craftiness offensively will need to be his calling card
16.9 5.8 2.4 1.2 0.3 1.5 50.5% 45.7% 81.8%

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