NBA Draft Spotlight: Charles Bassey

Hidden on an average Western Kentucky team, Charles Bassey quietly averaged a double-double after reclassifying a year ago.

Position: C From: Western Kentucky Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’11 Weight: 245 Wingspan: 7’3


  • Powerful frame that is built to be in the NBA. Despite his youth, he has broad shoulders and natural strength
  • Instinctual rebounder who dominates games by creating second chances. Averaged nearly three offensive rebounds a game by carving out space for good positioning on shot attempts
  • Posts up hard and often. Whenever he has a defender on his back, he buries them deep in the paint before receiving the ball. Has really good feet on the inside and scores on hooks over his left shoulder at a high rate
  • Interior defense is strong. He isn’t easily moved, contests about everything in his area, and is agile inside the arc
  • Runs the court for easy baskets. Very similar to Bam Adebayo in how he gets dunks in transition simply by outsprinting opponents
  • Good touch. Made 45 percent of a small volume of threes and shot 77 percent from the line. Shot a lot more from the outside his last year in high school, but he’s shown the increased range to look forward to as he matures


  • Still very young. Has a grown body, but his game on both ends is still raw
  • Has to work on more finesse moves in the post. College bigs had no answer for his strength, so his right hooks were enough to score. Based on his footwork, it will just be a matter of time and repetitions before he is more comfortable using counters
  • Not a great passer. Has a tough time anticipating help and passing out of it
  • Wants to do more ball-handling on the perimeter, but he’s not technically sound enough as a decision maker. Has a lot of turnovers from taking a dribble or two more than necessary
14.6 10.0 0.7 0.8 2.4 2.9 62.7% 45.0% 76.9%

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