NBA Draft Spotlight: Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Virginia Tech wouldn’t be the team they are without the super-sophomore from Canada. Alexander-Walker is just scratching the surface of the complete player he may become.

Position: SG From: Virginia Tech Class/YOB: Sophomore
Height: 6’5 Weight: 210 Wingspan: 6-9


  • Knock-down catch-and-shoot player. Hovers around 40 percent from three and is almost automatic when left open
  • Strong defender with multi-positional versatility. He is a rare guard that can defend all three perimeter spots due to his instincts, quickness, and length. On an elite defensive team, he often draws the tough matchup
  • Intelligent playmaker. Really had to be thrust into a point guard role when Justin Robinson went out. He’s had some growing pains, but largely has been a catalyst for getting them into their sets. He waits on his screens and regularly creates separation coming off. For a sophomore two-guard, his P&R assessments are solid
  • Very complete all-around game that will lend itself to filling any role needed for a team. He can run the wings, handle against pressure if necessary, or serve as a floor spacer. Even when he’s not making shots, his rebounding and defense is there


  • Shooting and defense are his only potentially elite skills. I like all-around impact but he isn’t necessarily dominant at anything today
  • While still learning, ball-handling and finishing against strength and quickness has posed some problems. Generally has a good pace to play that is fun to watch when firing on all cylinders
  • Goes through scoring droughts when his team needs production. It has been the story for VA Tech as an entire team
  • Doesn’t do as well shooting off the dribble. His pull-up numbers have skyrocketed versus his first year, which is a good sign


16.4 4.2 3.9 1.9 0.5 2.8 47.8% 38.0% 77.5%

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