NBA Draft Spotlight: Dan Gafford

Dan Gafford was expected to emerge as the go-to scorer for the Razorbacks and he didn’t disappoint. Now it seems like just a matter of time before he declares for the 2019 NBA Draft.

Position: C From: Arkansas Class/YOB: Sophomore
Height: 6’11 Weight: 235 Wingspan: 7’2


  • Active rim runner. He generates a lot of offense by simply sprinting by defenders up the court. Good speed for a big and soft hands to make tough catches
  • Proven rim protector. His block numbers went down, but his impact as a presence in the paint improved. He held down the interior for Arkansas. His movement hedging suggests that he could become a solid P&R defender as well
  • Thrives on second chance opportunities. Even when he doesn’t get the ball during a possession, he crashes the glass with a purpose to keep plays alive
  • NBA-level screen outlet as a roll man. Has to make sure he sets solid screens, but he sprints to the front of the rim where he has the athleticism to go up and get it in a crowd
  • Improved strength allowed him to hold his ground on the inside more effectively. He isn’t easily backed down and brings the length to be a menace defensively
  • Showed off passing skills against heavy double teams this season. Finds shooters and cutters when he doesn’t have a look in the post


  • Hasn’t been able to develop much range on his jump shot. His mid-range spot up seems to be more comfortable. I’m not sure if teams will guard him from there though. Foul shooting is an issue
  • Does damage in the post, though a lot of his moves are reliant on elevating over other bigs. Will he be able to bring some craftier moves out of his bag against NBA athleticism on the inside?
  • Similar to a lot of young shot blockers, he picks up a lot of fouls trying to make up for teammates’ mistakes. He is bouncy enough to wait for offensive players to release the ball first, he just has to trust his anticipation
  • Can run into problems putting it on the ground for more than a couple dribbles. Guys can come pick at it and he loses control at times


16.9 8.6 0.7 0.9 1.9 2.4 66.0% 0.00% 59.1%

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