NBA Draft Spotlight: Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson has provided scoring punch for Kentucky all season long and remains the best long-term NBA prospect on the team.

Position: SG From: Kentucky Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’6 Weight: 205 Wingspan: 6’9


  • Very good athlete. Possesses plus speed, quickness, and strength for a two guard. Often goes into college games as the best athlete on the court
  • Slashes to the rim where he is a relentless finisher. Constantly looking to get touches in the paint, whether it be off straight-line drives, quick dribbling moves, or getting out in transition
  • Has really progressed as a shooter throughout the season. He steps into jumpers from mid-range and three-point range, elevating into a one-motion shot. There have been multiple games where he led Kentucky in three-point shooting
  • Brings high-energy. His physical gifts definitely help, but he has the chance to be a plus NBA defender because of how hard he plays. It’s almost contagious how he competes, though he isn’t always the impact defender he has the potential to become
  • Should become a more creative scorer in time. Right now he has a raw handle, but when he keeps his dribble tight, he can get into his mid-range game and beat defenders with his athletic ability


  • A little bit of an underdeveloped handle. Limited to primarily crossovers and hesitations right now. Will become a better isolation scorer as his ball-handling progresses
  • Loves to push the pace and get going in transition, which leads to some quick shots and turnovers. He can be too excitable, which should be correctable as he mature
  • Defensive focus needs to improve throughout the game. Can be a victim of ball-watching, leading to defensive breakdowns
  • Has shot the ball well all year, but he’s not a high volume three shooter. To really maximize his potential, he will need to be able to consistently knock down those open looks from deep


13.7 5.7 1.5 0.7 0.1 1.7 47.3% 39.6% 70.5%

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