NBA Draft Spotlight: Tyus Battle

Syracuse was knocked out of the NCAA Tournament early. Now it is decision time for Tyus Battle, who pondered an early departure last year. He has some skills that will translate well and others that need some work.

Position: SG/SF From: Syracuse Class/YOB: Junior
Height: 6’7 Weight: 200 Wingspan: 6’9


  • Good penetrator that can use his size to get into the lane and finish. Has a knack for finishing contested shots in the lane
  • Decent shooter with his feet set. His shot looks better than the results have shown. Over his time at Syracuse, he has started to make more shots off the dribble
  • Has size for an NBA wing. Despite playing in a zone, Battle looks like he will be able to defend in one-on-one situations with his length
  • Does a nice job of creating contact so he can get east points at the line. He can sweep and get to the rack with contact
  • Makes big shots and shows up for big games. As Syracuse’s best player, he flourished when they needed a big shot


  • Shooting has not improved. He has been around 23 percent from three the last couple of years. Scoring is his primary skill but for some reason, he isn’t hitting a high percentage
  • Not a great passer. Improving skill, but he is still not a guy that distributes the ball well
  • Overall is an inefficient scorer. Even though he can make shots in the lane, he settles for a lot of jumpers. I think open NBA courts will help, but I’m not sure he will become a reliable scorer with fewer touches
  • Not much of a rebounder. Really has to focus on scoring and defense because his rebounding will not impact the game significantly


17.2 3.3 2.5 1.2 0.3 1.8 43.1% 32.1% 76.3%

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