NBA Draft Spotlight: Jarrett Culver

The biggest beneficiary of a stay-or-go decision from last year has been Jarrett Culver. Returning as the focal point of the most rugged defensive team in America, Culver is looking to lead Texas Tech deep in March before becoming a likely lottery pick.

Position: SG From: Texas Tech Class/YOB: Sophomore
Height: 6’5 Weight: 195 Wingspan: N/A


  • Impressive leaping ability. Always a threat to create second chances or score off lob plays. Really helps him score against size
  • Pull-up game from mid-range is clean. Shoots it so high and has a release point that is difficult to contest. Took a nice step from last year actively seeking his shots off the dribble. You can also run him off screens and let him elevate off curls
  • Brings defensive upside on the wing. A key part of the stingiest defense in the country, he is a fundamental defender with good length and recovery speed. As he adds strength, he could potentially become a shutdown wing stopper
  • Vastly improved distributor off the dribble. He is the heart of Texas Tech’s offense and has been solid in a lead ball-handler role. Shows off vision in pick-and-rolls and swings it when a shot isn’t there
  • Soft touch inside of 15-feet. Hits push shots over length. Covers a lot of ground when he gathers but knows when to stop and pop
  • Doesn’t have any significant weaknesses. Impacts the game in a lot of ways and is one of the most well-rounded players in college basketball


  • Not a polished playmaker. He is more of a natural two-guard and has been forced into a lead ball-handler role. Doesn’t show the patience you’d like to see when he’s playing in pick-and-rolls
  • Three-point shooting has regressed. He’s taking a lot tougher looks at the end of the shot clock as well, but he doesn’t have a lot of consistency from distance
  • Has some wiry strength that has improved from his freshman year. If he has any weakness as a defender, it is with his lack of overall mass to fend off drives
  • His free throw shooting has left a little to be desired. Only around 70 percent, which is strange considering his mid-range proficiency


18.5 6.3 3.6 1.3 0.4 2.7 48.6% 32.3% 70.4%

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