NBA Draft Spotlight: Goga Bitadze

I graded Goga Bitadze as one of the top international bigs in last year’s class. After decided to withdraw his name late, he is the best international center and a player whose pick-and-roll prowess is going to fit in nicely in an NBA system.

Position: C From: Georgia Class/YOB: 1999
Height: 6’11 Weight: 250 Wingspan: 7’2


  • Mobility is good. Light on his feet. Goes from block to the perimeter quickly. Slimmed down this year
  • Displays stretch five ability. Mid-range shot is reliable. Showing clear improvement in his range, shooting far more threes
  • Help side defense is there. Always knows where the ball is and doesn’t hesitate to stop penetration.
  • Plus shot-blocker. His timing is good.
  • Acts as a good outlet in screen and rolls. Hits floaters, has nice touch around the rim, and can take defenders off the dribble after the catch.


  • Still young in experience and physically. Has the potential to be a good center in the league but is at least two or three years away from contributing.
  • Not the best post-up scorer. Likes to have space when he has the ball.
  • Doesn’t take contact well due to lack of strength. As good as he is in P&Rs, he struggles to fight through hits near the rim.
  • Gets in foul trouble far too much.


14.5 6.5 1.0 0.6 2.2 1.8 58.6% 35.7% 67.2%

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