NBA Draft Spotlight: Admiral Schofield

Position: SF From: Tennessee Class/YOB: Senior
Height: 6’5 Weight: 240 Wingspan: 6’10


  • Strong, tough competitor. Built to bang with NBA wings and forwards. One of the more physically developed players in college basketball
  • Proven stand-still three-point shooter. Has been right around 40 percent from deep over the last three years. Also elevates particularly well with his middle game
  • A hard-nosed defender that can guard on the perimeter and inside. Built more like a post but has good IQ guarding on the outside as well
  • Very tough-minded player. Does not let shooting slumps or adversity throughout a game affect his energy and effort. Plays with that high motor at all times
  • Seals well when he has a matchup. Has a high release that allows him to score off of turnarounds. Does a good job of walking down defenders and showing his numbers
  • Excellent intangibles. Does all the little things that can help a championship team. Rebounds out of his area, moves the ball within an offense, and wins 50/50 balls


  • A tweener as a forward. Lacks height for a big and speed for a wing. His competitive edge should make up for most of these issues
  • Not a great ball-handler, especially against pressure. Doesn’t break defenders down and relies on strength to create separation
  • Can have a problem getting shots up and over length on the inside. Solid mid-range scorer, but his layups can be disrupted by size. Not crafty enough of a finisher on the inside to effectively score against NBA size and athleticism
  • Solid athlete but not very quick or fast
  • Brings an edge defensively. Still, offensively creative and explosive players can give him problems


16.4 6.4 2.1 0.9 0.5 2.0 47.7% 39.4% 72.6%

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