NBA Draft Spotlight: Isaiah Roby

Nebraska’s do-it-all forward has continued to draw attention for his diverse skill set. Isaiah Roby would be able to gain valuable feedback in the pre-draft process and see if any team would take a flier on him.

Position: From: Nebraska Class/YOB: Junior
Height: 6’8 Weight: 230 Wingspan: 7’3


  • Interchangeable inside-outside threat. Can play anywhere from the three to five with his skillset
  • Reliable ball handler who has a natural understanding of how to find teammates. Played as a point forward in high school. Has a deliberate pace and good ball protection to allow him to handle in space
  • Should become a 1 through 5 defender. Really moves well for a player his size. Some of the best timing as a shot blocker you’ll find in college basketball. Has been comfortable defending wings. His agility and length (7-3 wingspan) should at the very least act as a deterrent for guards
  • Committed rebounder. Largely played out of position as a five, but Tim Miles has that luxury because of how effective he is at cleaning the glass
  • Nice transition player. Should be even better in up-tempo NBA styles with shooters running the wing
  • Smooth athlete with and without the ball. Graceful open-court runner and capable of finishing above the rim


  • Aggressiveness wavers on the offensive end. Goes stretches where he doesn’t try to make any plays on a team in need of playmaking. Not a guy that’s going to take more shots than he’s comfortable with
  • Will have to keep stretching his range. Only takes a couple threes a game. Defenders give him space. He uses that to his advantage to display his vision
  • Could be a more impactful post scorer. Can go over his left shoulder and score right over defenders when he takes his time. I’d like to see him down there a little bit more to get some easier looks. Especially if he’s playing on the wing at the next level
  • Big time foul issues. Brings his arms down a lot on contests instead of staying vertical. Must trust his timing and work on defensive techniques to stay straight up
  • Takes hits a lot better than he used to a few years ago. Still doesn’t have the lower body strength to hold his ground against bigger guys, like some of the bruisers in the Big Ten. Upper body is slight for a forward. I think he’s more of a 3/4 than 4/5 in the NBA, but he has the potential to guard all over so it’s worth addressing

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