NBA Draft Spotlight: Cam Reddish

In what has been an inconsistent freshman season, Cam Reddish continues to show glimpses of becoming a long-term piece on a championship contender. Duke’s often overlooked star freshman is headed for a greater impact in the NBA than he is having in college.

Position: SG From: Duke Class/YOB: Freshman
Height: 6’9 Weight: 203 Wingspan: 7’1


  • Silky outside stroke. Has a fluid, compact motion that extends with range. Does a nice job getting square when shooting on the move
  • Great size for a wing. Around 6’9 with a wide reach. Capable of playing 2 through 4.
  • Can really guard when he’s engaged. Disruptor with the quickness of a wing and the length of a post player. Has a chance to be one of the top wing defenders in this class
  • Smooth agility in the open court. Forces defenders to find him on the break and is tough to contain when he moves off the ball in the half court
  • Underrated isolation game. Has decent shake with the ball and operates low to the ground on drives. Very creative shot creator, using euro steps, pump fakes, and sidesteps to create looks
  • Three-tier scorer that is more inverted in preference, searching for jumpers first
  • Two-way upside is there. When he’s aggressive, the game comes easy on both ends
  • Passes effectively for a wing. Not a go-to playmaker, but can  find the open man
  • High character kid. Has adjusted to a tertiary role better than any 5-star I can remember. Will be a better pro than college player, but will work to excel in his role


  • Fades in and out of games. Part of it has been his role, but his aggression varies too much for a player with his talent. He needs to be that dude every time he steps on the court
  • Let’s the defense off the hook by settling sometimes. Excellent shooter, probably the purest in the class, but he’s got the size and ability to do more damage inside the arc
  • On the lighter side for his height. Has a tendency to come up short when trying to play through contact. Only really manages physicality when he is the one who initiates the contact
  • Stands a little too much on offense. Again, his role at Duke has been an adjustment. But he is so good at making reads in off-ball screen actions that I wish he was more active outside of set plays.
  • Falls asleep away from the ball defensively. Has the reaction time to make up for some missed coverages
  • Isn’t much of a pick-and-roll scorer right now. Does not have the seasoning using screens that you’d like out of such a proficient scorer

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